When you’re ready to close your business at the end of the day, Managers can perform the Run End of Day function to print the End of Day Report, which includes the daily sales and cash summary. 


The End of Day Report

The End of Day (EOD) Report (also commonly referred to as the "Z Report") includes a summary of the sales and payments for the day and is printed by an in-store receipt printer after the manager manually executes the Run End of Day function.

The summary report will print from whichever receipt printer is configured with the device you are using. Note that managers can also view and print the PDF version of the EOD Report from the Parse BackOffice by navigating to Reports > EOD Reports.  

The "Run End of Day" Function

To perform the Run End of Day function:

  1. From the login screen, enter the Manager PIN and tap Manager Activities.
  2. Tap Run End of Day.
  3. The system will display the EOD Drawer Summary window, which shows the status of drawers opened during the day. Once all drawers are closed, tap Run End of Day to view the EOD Summary Report. 
  4. To print the EOD Report on the receipt printer, tap the Print EOD Report button.
Note that all drawers must be closed in order to perform the Run End of Day function. The EOD Drawer Summary window displays the status of all drawers with open drawers highlighted in orange (and the status labeled "Open").

Auto-closeout Process

Executing the Run End of Day function is a best practice and should be completed by the manager at the end of each business day. It's important to note that the Run End of Day function is not required to turn the day over in the system; however, it is required to print the current day's EOD Report. 

The Parse Pay system will carry out the following functions automatically at 4 am (unless otherwise provisioned) to effectively close out each day:

  • Close all open drawers at the "Expected Cash in Drawer" amount. For drawers that were automatically closed, the "Actual Cash in Drawer" amount must be confirmed/reconciled in the Parse BackOffice or at the Register before you can proceed with opening a new drawer.
  • Capture all credit card payments from the previous business day. Note that any unconfirmed tips will be closed at $0.00. 
  • Close (void) all Unpaid Orders.