The Employee Breaks feature allows operators to track and record the number of paid and unpaid breaks their employees take. In this article, we'll cover how to add employee breaks in the BackOffice, which will appear on the frontend register when employees time management functions (clock in/clock out). 



Break laws vary from state to state. We encourage that you verify compliance with the U.S. Department of Labor and your local State Labor Office. Parse Pay is not liable for compliance with State or Federal wage requirements or record keeping. If you have a request for additional features or settings that might help you with keeping a more accurate record of employee breaks, please log into your account at and submit a ticket, or contact Parse Pay support by emailing

Types of Breaks

Breaks come in two forms, namely Unpaid Breaks and Paid breaks. They are further defined as follows:

  • Unpaid Breaks: Clocks the user out of the system. Starting an unpaid break is essentially the same thing as clocking out. 
  • Paid Breaks: Does not clock the user out of the system but rather records that the break was taken. 

Creating Breaks

To create a break:

  1. Log into the BackOffice by going to
  2. Click Settings from the left-side navigation menu.
  3. Click Breaks from the submenu.
  4. Add a new break by clicking the +Break button.
  5. Give the break a name (e.g., Lunch) and specify the time interval (e.g., 30 minutes).
  6. Specify whether or not it is a paid break by toggling on/off the Paid Break option.
  7. Click Save.