In many restaurant and quick-service establishments, owners want the ability to payout the tips and gratuity collected using the cash in the drawer. Tip and gratuity payouts can be performed at any time throughout the day or at the time of closing out the drawer. 


Via the Cash Management Function

Managers can utilize the Cash Management Function at any time to pay out employees for tips and gratuity collected. To perform this function:

  1. Open the left-side flyout menu by tapping the hamburger menu in the top-left corner of the screen
  2. Tap Cash Management
  3. From the list of Cash Management Functions, tap Tip Payout to pay out employees for tips collected, or tap Gratuity Payout to pay out employees for gratuity collected.
  4. Enter the tip or gratuity payout amount using the numeric pin pad. Note that the system displays the total amount of remaining tips or gratuity that has not been paid out to ensure that the total amount paid out does not exceed the amount collected.
  5. Tap Next and remove the specified amount from the drawer.

When Closing the Drawer

The system allows you to also perform tip and gratuity payouts at the time of closing the drawer. 

  1. Start the process of closing the drawer – Open the left-side flyout menu (hamburger icon in the top-left corner of the screen) and tap Close Drawer.
  2. The cash summary table on the left displays all cash activities, including tip and gratuity payouts (the rows preceding the "Expected Cash in Drawer" row). The amount of non-cash tips and gratuity that can be paid out is listed in the parenthesis next to the title. For example, if you collected $100.00 in non-cash tips, the system would display it as follows:
    Non-cash tip payouts (Remaining: $100.00)
  3. Tap the red-underlined text to display the numeric pin pad and enter the tip or gratuity amount that you want to payout. You can pay out tips and gratuities in the amount up to the total amount collected as displayed above the pin pad.
  4. Enter the amount and tap Next.