Parse Pay has made it easy for you to quickly adjust your display setting at the Register. Review the list of the display settings (and their descriptions) to learn how you can customize the display of your Register to better align with your preferences.

Left-side Category MenuBy enabling the left-side category menu, all categories are display in a static verticle column on the left-hand side of the Register screen. The display preference allows the user to quickly jump between categories to view the items nested under that category. If this setting is disabled, the categories are displayed as buttons at the top of the screen, and you must tap the category button to view the items (full screen).
Column CountSelect the number of columns for items on the Register screen. You can choose between 4, 5, or 6 columns.
Multiple DrawersEnable multiple drawers. Allows you to open multiple drawers (at the same time) on the Register and switch between them. Note that enabling multiple drawers may simplify the process of shift changes.
Show Orders for all Open DrawersAllows you to view the orders for all other open drawers. Note that one the Orders page, you can filter the orders to only display the orders on the active drawer by toggling "Show only my orders".
Send ButtonBy enabling this option, the send button is displayed at the bottom of the cart (next to the pay button). The Send button allows you to send orders to the kitchen (if a kitchen printer is set up), or save tabs (if tabs are enabled).
Manage CustomersEnable "Manage Customer" to display the Customers tab in the top menu bar. With this setting enabled, you can view your customer list, view customer profiles and purchase history, and add customers to orders, among other features with regard to customer engagement.