Cash management functions are used to remove/deposit cash out of or into open and active cash drawers. Often times, you find that there is too much cash in the drawers and want to drop it in a more secure location, or you may want to pull cash to pay a vendor or purchase supplies.

The Paid In, Paid Out, and Cash Drop functions can be performed via the Cash Management module, which is located in the left-side flyout menu. Read below for a detailed look at these cash functions.

Paid InReturn money to the cash drawer via the Paid In function.
Paid OutUtilize this function to remove cash from the drawer for a specific reason, for example, reimbursing an employee who bought supplies or cash paid to a vendor.
Cash DropPerform a cash drop if you want to move cash from a cash drawer to the house (e.g., safe in the office). Cash Drops are commonly used as a security measure to prevent there from being too much cash in the drawer at any given time.