For accounts with the Tabs feature enabled, users can add a customer's name to the order and create a tab by sending the order.


Start a Tab

You can start a tab at any point in the order process. To start a tab: 

  1. Tap the Add Order Name button located in the top right corner of the screen (above the cart). 
  2. In the "Order Name" field, enter the name that you want to assign to the tab.
  3. Tap Add Order Name to add the name to the order.

Note that you can create a tab with or without items in the cart. Once the customer's name has been assigned to the order and items are added to the cart, the user must tap "SEND" to submit the order. This will send the items to the assigned tab as well as send the order to assigned printers for preparation, if applicable.

Access Saved Tabs

To access a saved tab, tap the Tabs button located in the top menu bar. This will display all open tabs. Tap the appropriate tab to open it.

Note that once a saved tab is activated, the user can add new products to order; however, they cannot remove items that have already been sent. Items that have already been sent will have the ORDERED tag displayed above the item name in the cart.

Rename and Delete a Tab

To rename or delete an existing tab, reopen the saved tab (if applicable). To change the customer's name: 

  1. Tap the name in the "order name" field above the cart. 
  2. In the Edit Order Name popup, edit the name in the name field. 
  3. Tap the Edit Order Name button to update the name. 

To delete a tab (remove the name from order): 

  1. Tap the name in the "order name" field above the cart. 
  2. Tap the Remove Order Name text link above the name field. 
  3. In the confirmation display prompt, confirm its removal by tapping YES.