Modifier Sets allow you to select from options (e.g., extra cheese) to apply to items during the checkout process. With Modifiers Sets, you can quickly select from a pre-configured set of modifications to customize an item when adding it to the cart. This article will introduce you to examples of Modifier Sets and how to create a Modifier Sets in the Parse BackOffice. Note that when building your menu in the BackOffice, it's best to build out your modifier sets prior to creating your items. This allows you to quickly add Modifier Sets while creating the item. 


Examples Modifier Sets

To understand how best to use Modifier Sets, let’s define what they are and look at a few examples. Modifier Sets is an option (or set of options) that allows users to personalize the item during the checkout process. By adding Modifier Sets to your items, you can quickly select to add modifiers to customize the customer's order. Example modifiers include:

  • Sauces
  • Dressings
  • Cheeses
  • Toppings (add ons)

Settings for Modifier Sets

An important characteristic of a Modifier Set is that you can control how the user interacts with the available options via the Modifier Set settings.

  1. Required: By enabling this option, the user must select an option in the modifier set to add the item to the cart. Examples include bread type or salad dressing, if applicable. 
  2. Select Multiple: This setting specifies whether multiple modifiers can be selected or not. It should be disabled if you want to limit the set to a single selection. For example, if the Modifier Set is toppings, this is likely enabled. Alternatively, if the Modifier Set is bread type (for a sandwich), this will most likely be disabled since the user should only select one type of bread. 
  3. Splittable: The Splittable feature allows the user to split the Modifier Set in half and apply options to each "side" of the respective item. The most applicable use-case scenario applies when splitting a pizza, for example, half cheese/half pepperoni. 
  4. Conversational Ordering: If enabled, the buttons "Add," "Extra," "No," "Lite," and "Side" will be displayed next to the modifiers in the set, further allowing the user to customize the item based on how the customer speaks (e.g., "EXTRA Bacon" or "NO Tomato").

Create a Modifier Set

It's easy to create Modifier Sets in the BackOffice. Note that you apply Modifier Sets when you create your items, so it's best to create all of your Modifier Sets first.

  1. Click ITEMS from the left-side navigation menu. 
  2. Click on MODIFIERS in the tabbed navigation menu and click on the +CREATE MODIFIER SET button.
  3. Enter a Title and Description (optional) for the Modifier Set (e.g., Sandwich Toppings) in the Info section.
  4. Add items to your modifier set by pressing the plus (+) icon in the Modifiers card. A new row with the name, ordering (display order), and price field is displayed each time you press the (+) button. Type the modifier's name, specify the order by which they appear on the screen (1 being the first from the left), and give the modifier a price if it costs extra. 
  5. In the Settings card, toggle on the settings that apply to this Modifier Set (Required, Select Multiple, Splittable, and Conversational Ordering).
  6. When complete, click on the SAVE button to publish your Modifier Set or click the SAVE & NEW button to create another Modifier Set.