About Custom Notes

Items can be customized by the administrator (in the BackOffice) to have modifiers or attributes that automatically populate when ringing out an item. Nevertheless, in some cases, you may need to add a custom note to an item, which is possible using the NOTE feature in the Item Details popup window.

How to Add a Custom Note to an Item

  1. First, you must add the item to the cart.
  2. Tap on the item in the cart and then tap the NOTE button.
  3. Enter your custom note using the built-in keyboard.
  4. Tap DONE.

The custom note will be displayed below the item in the cart and on the printed receipt. Example: If the customer would like to order a coffee and would like it extra hot, you can ring in the coffee and add a note to the item in the cart and type “extra hot”. To remove an item from the cart simply click on the item you would like to remove and press the “delete” button. This will remove the item (and the custom note) from the cart.