Adding an item to the cart is very straightforward.

  1. Tap the item from the speed screen and the item will appear in the cart located on the right-hand side of the screen.
  2. Often, items are nested under categories. Tap the Category (or categories) and then tap on the desired Item.
  3. If applicable, tap the appropriate product Modifier or Variant to customize the item.

About Modifiers: 

Item modifiers (or modifier sets) are configured in the BackOffice by the administrator. Modifier sets are displayed in the item detail screen and provide the user with a set of options to customize (or modify) the item.

About Variants: Variants are similar to modifiers in that they appear in the item detail screen; however, since the user must select a variant, the item detail screen automatically appears upon tapping the item. The most common item variant is different sizes (e.g., small/medium/large). For example, when ringing up a drink, the item detail screen with the variants for the different sizes will automatically pop up. Here, you can select between small, medium, or large and then tap the "Add to Cart" button.